Biting the Bitten

I’m really only doing this as an excuse to eat more food.  Or maybe because my other countless Livejournal/Xanga/Blogspot accounts all eventually came to a bitter and emotional end.

Uh, except no, really, I’m doing it because I got annoyed.  As a runner who subscribes to Runner’s World magazine, I recently came across an article written by Mark Bittman.  He wrote about “simple food,” about the benefits of eating mostly plants, about reducing meat consumption.  And then I saw three of his recipes published with the article, all of which contained meat.  I got confused.  Stir-Fried Tofu and Shrimp; Spinach, Bacon, and Sweet Potato Salad; and Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables (the 2nd ingredient being a pound of a combination of meats).

I like Mark Bittman.  I’m glad someone is out there who recognizes how great veganism is, even though they still eat meat.  I just want to see more of his vegan side.  The majority of Bittman’s day involves vegan food; I want proof.  He could be eating celery with peanut butter until 6pm for all I know.

My goal with this blog is to prove that vegan food is exciting and delicious, with vegan recipes to boot.  So you can hold back from flavoring that salad with bacon.  Or… or tossing some shrimp with tofu (to flavor it?  I have no clue). 

And with a hefty swing of a champagne bottle to the hull of this Vegan MoFo ship, let’s veganize Mark Bittman for the month of October.


Mary said...

I LOVE this. I, too, am constantly frustrated with Bittman. He'll make a perfectly good meal and then ruin it with a raw egg or something. Please send him this link. I bet he'd like it and then you'd be famous.

yasmin said...

Nice concept for a blog! I like Bittman too, and agree he doesn't post enough vegan recipes despite his vegan til 6 thing.

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