Why we should change the name of our blog...

... to "smited."  Because wow, we have taken a huge nose dive here in posting.  But that's not to say we haven't been working!  We have.  We've just failed a few times, which isn't so encouraging when it comes to showing you guys some pictures.  I'm posting my failure anyway, which I suppose doesn't look like so much of a failure.  The picture above is, I guess, Arepas with (Vegan) Cheese and Corn.  They look totally fine, right?  Unless you hate cornmeal or are vehemently opposed to vegan cheese, you'd go for it with a fork.  Am I wrong?  

I (over)confidently approached this recipe – Arepas with Cheese and Corn – with absolutely zero doubts in my mind.  "Cheese?  Milk?  Pfffft.  Whatever," and I threw the vegan equivalents into my grocery basket.  

I was so wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Maybe it was the vegan cheese I used.  Maybe I didn't let the frozen corn thaw enough.  Maybe I should have used soy instead of almond milk.  Maybe I should have adopted a deity in order to pray to it for vegan success.  Whatever the case, my batter ended up being a greasy, gooey blob in the bottom of the mixing bowl.  And in my attempt to thicken it, used 1/2 cup more cornmeal than the recipe called for, still being slightly too wet to work with.  But I'm jobless and can't afford to replenish my cornmeal every two days, so I said to hell with it, slapped the batter into my cast iron and pretended I was making pancakes.  Oily corn pancakes.

Amazingly, they held together.  Sort of.  I managed to salvage two of the "pretty ones" for photographic purposes and then ate the others as a sort of makeshift cornmeal arepas scramble.  Oh, and did I mention they were extremely chalky?  I'm pretty sure I didn't cook them all the way.  Mark Bittman would be proud.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Well it looks good anyway :)
I've never had FYH cheese so I don't know how it compares to other cheeses - but I reckon Sheese smoked cheddar would be good. Can you get that?
And Almond milk tends to be a bit sweet doesn't it so I would use plain soy instead.
But we live and learn don't we so better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

it looks great though!

ak1drland said...

Thanks, guys! I haven't looked too hard for Sheese; I'm actually having a difficult time finding Teese, believe it or not. I think I might just save my cornmeal for cornbread in the future.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

But it looks so good!!!

Shanna said...

Ugh. Cooking failures are the WORST. You pour your heart and soul, not to mention time and food stuffs, into a meal, and when it falls flat, it's utterly disheartening. Plus, at that point, I'm usually starving. Hope the next meal goes off without a hitch!

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